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Are you looking for “water delivery” for your home/office?
We are the distributor of “MERSINI” in Limassol. We can deliver 10 LITRE, and 20 LITRE water bottles for your home/office. Every week our delivery man will come to check your water.

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    What our clients say

    Яна Арсютина
    Яна Арсютина
    Tasty water and superb service!
    Dmytro Bondarev
    Dmytro Bondarev
    The best water delivery service in Limassol. Very good quality of water.
    Artem Ponomarenko
    Artem Ponomarenko
    Delivery is always on time. Easy communication via WhatsApp. Great service and good water quality. Recommend everybody
    Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown
    Excellent quality water delivered to your door by very friendly people I pay by Revolut and bottle is left at my door when I return from work !!
    Svetlana Mulan
    Svetlana Mulan
    I have been ordering water from them for almost 4 years, I have already changed several apartments in Limassol but never changed a water supplier, because there was no such need. They are always on time, friendly. Water bottles are being delivered to your door, sealed and with affordable price. No doubt guys are doing a good job. Thank you for supplying us with essential🙏 Я заказываю воду у этих ребят уже 4 года, несмотря на то что уже сменила пару тройку квартир в Лимассоле. В смене доставщика воды просто нет необходимости. Эти ребята всегда доставляют запечатаные канистры прямо до дверей и даже вносят внутрь и ставят туда куда тебе надо, пунктуальны а так же просто хорошие и вежливые. Одна канистра стоит 5 евро и ее хватает на неделю для двоих. Спасибо за ваш труд и за то что поставляете нам этот жизненно важный элемент🙏
    Lucy Skyce
    Lucy Skyce
    Хороший сервис. Долго искали, где будет устраивать все и нашли этих ребят по рекомендации. Всегда на связи, привозят день в день или на следующий, вода «вкусная», люди приятные и отзывчивые) Рекомендую 👍🏻
    Oleh Humeniuk
    Oleh Humeniuk
    Really cool service. On time. Flexible and comfortable. thanks!
    Довольна, что нашла эту компанию по доставке воды домой! Доставляют ребята всегда оперативно, качество воды отличное, цена супер! Рекомендую!)
    Татьяна Захарова
    Татьяна Захарова
    Пробовала разную воду, но самая лучшая здесь. Вода самая чистая из всех, что я пробовала, и вкус хороший. Плюс отличный сервис: всегда вовремя и без проблем.
    shanshan li
    shanshan li
    Best water in limassol. Best quality and service.
    What inside

    Mineral composition


    14 mg/L

    Calcium is a chemical element with the symbol Ca and atomic number 20.


    8 mg/L

    Magnesium is a chemical element with the symbol Mg and atomic number 12.


    49 mg/L

    Sodium is a chemical element with the symbol Na and atomic number 11.


    2 mg/L

    Potassium is the chemical element with the symbol K and atomic number 19.



    Fluoride is an inorganic, monatomic anion of fluorine, with the chemical formula F⁻ , whose salts are typically white or colorless.



    PH stands for Hydrogen potentials.

    Delivery Service

    We are the distributor of “MERSINI in Limassol. We can deliver 10 LITRE, and 20 LITRE water bottles for your home/office. Every week our delivery man will come to check your water.
    • Free Delivery
    • 5 days a week
    • 8:00 – 17:00
    Our company was founded in 2010
    MERSINI Water is ideal for drinking, cooking, sports and even for children. The product is certified by government.
    Full Controll
    Healthy Composition
    6 Filtration Stages
    Quality certificates

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the source of MERSINI Crystal Springs water?

    Mersini Natural Spring Water begins as rain or snow high up in the pristine peaks of Troodos Mountain. We test our water daily to verify that it is of extremely high quality. Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water meets all federal and state health standards. pure.

    Is MERSINI Crystal Springs water actually spring water?

    Aquanova’s state-of-the-art bottling plant has been built adjacent to the source of the water. The Mersini Spring Water is thus bottled at source within minutes of leaving the ground, always under constant quality control, following strict HACCP protocol as well as E.U. specifications.

    What is the pH level of MERSINI Crystal Springs water?

    Crystal Springs’s FIJI Water is filtered through volcanic rock and has a 7.3 ph. Higher alkalinity equates to a smoother mouthfeel, attributed to the higher mineral content, especially silica, of more alkaline water.

    Does MERSINI Crystal Spring Water have minerals?

    Naturally refreshing, it’s an excellent source of the minerals your body needs and it tastes great because we bottle it every morning right here in the spring and deliver it fresh to you.

    What is the difference between spring water and purified water?

    Spring water is naturally filtered underground. It’s collected from springs or boreholes. Meanwhile, purified water is any type of water that has undergone a controlled filtration and purification process to remove impurities and contaminants.

    What are the benefits of drinking MERSINI spring water?

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