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Limassol Water Delivery company is the most reliable water delivery company in Limassol. We are a Distributor Of MERSINI Water in Limassol.

The source of Mersini Natural Spring Water is found in an area of natural beauty above the rural villages of Oikos and Kalopanayiotis in the green-clad valley of Marathasa. It is characterized by its crystal clear appearance and its soft light taste. It has been tested for purity with outstanding results.

Mersini Natural Spring Water begins as rain or snow high up in the pristine peaks of the Troodos Mountains. It then makes its way through a vast mineral aquifer which not only acts as a natural filter but also enriches the water with unique mineral and electrolyte content, beneficial to human health.

Aquanova’s state-of-the-art bottling plant has been built adjacent to the source of the water. The Mersini Spring Water is thus bottled at source within minutes of leaving the ground, always under constant quality control, following strict HACCP protocol as well as E.U. specifications.

Both the source and the bottling plant are in a vast privately-owned area of natural vegetation and forest, protected from any human, agricultural or animal activity that could be detrimental to the quality of the water.

The plant consists of water bottling lines with in-line bottle blowers, a quality control laboratory, and specially constructed storage areas where the water is kept under the appropriate conditions until it is delivered to the consumer.

With its experienced personnel and state-of-the-art bottling lines, the plant has the capacity to produce 10,000 liters of bottled water per hour.

Future plans of the company include the production of 500ml, 750ml, 1lt, and 1,5lt water bottles.


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