1. 5/5
2. 5/5
3. 4 month
4. 5/5
5. 5/5

Svitlana Amirguseinova

1. good, 2.good, 3. few mounths, 4.good, 5. good,

Tkachenko Ekaterina

1. Excellent quality 5/5
2. Excellent quality 5/5
3. From July 2022
4. Excellent quality 5/5
5. we are very satisfied, I recommend this water to all my friends

Xanthi Blackman

The quantity of your water is absolutely 100% okay. Your delivery service was and still is 100% good.I started using your water in 2015 and it was the best thing I have done. Your water is lovely and clean and it doesn’t taste of soil like most of the others, very happy with it
We are all very happy with water, and your service and we wish you health to carry on with your wonderful service

Katerina Marchuk

1. Great quality of water
2. Great quality of delivery
3. Few years
4. Good taste
5. Very satisfied


1. The quality of the water is fine, and the taste is good.
2. The delivery is perfect, on time and fast
3. Approximately 1 year
5. Very satisfied, recommend your company to all our friends